Our Mission


To carry out the Socio- economic reformed programs for sustainable development and good governance
Equitable and Prosperous Society
New Vision is registered Ngo working with a mission of empowering the disadvantaged groups of the Nepalese society by strengthening their organizational capacity. In response to this mission, the main objectives of New Vision Nepal are as below:
  • To foster close relationship among development activists by developing networking with them through sustainable tourism projects
  • To organize human resource development program to strengthen the capacity of the community for sustained development.
  • To formulate, implement and evaluate community development programs.
  • To makepeople aware of the real causes of poverty and exploitation and make appropriate efforts to solve them.


New vision Nepal is solely registered as nonprofit organization in Nepal for community relief project implementation. Community in Nepal has different problems which in knowingly and unknowingly not being occupied by government sector. Government of Nepal have different plan for
country’s socio economic transformation but it has still gap without support of non-government organizations. New vision Nepal have variety of scope to work but currently it is focusing on community development mainly through health, Education, Disaster relief, Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Agriculture, livelihood sector.
If you look current scenario of Nepal, different non-profit organization is working on variety of sectors
but water related projects, especially on water treatment is limited. Maximum number of marginalized
students, poor children study on government community school and those school don’t have certain
plan regarding maintaining water safety, sanitation and hygiene standardization. Due to lack of technology, government also don’t have enough strategy regarding it so organization’s purpose is to fulfill gap on those areas and support community.


New vision Nepal have engaged itself contributing on community via different project implementation in different period. Talking about small program like Tree plantation, anti-smoking awareness program, cleanliness program, Eye program, Blood donation program, etc. to medium scale program like Disaster relief, Water Filter system installation, etc. have supported community and government somehow in its sustainable development goal achievement. New vision Nepal beliefs in project implementation and multiplying software part through awareness and capacity development program. For example if we install water project in school/community, we try to focus that safe water access learning, increasing hand washing habit learning and ways of preventive methods to reduce water borne diseases in the community through children. We engage our self with project’s beneficiaries, local stakeholder, government bodies for project’s sustainability.